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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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system and so all trains into the transbay and maximize that service, for the long term. so, we are glad to see the collaboration on a potential solution, and look forward to a solution that will be the best possible win/win for all to get the capacity that will last for longer than anybody in this room, are alive and probably any of our kids, thank you. >> thank you. >> that concludes members of the public that want to address you. >> seeing no further comment or discussion, i am just going to make a motion to continue this item to next month. and can we do that without opposition? >> next item please?
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>>approving an amendment to contract no. 08-04-cmgc-000, authorizing webcor/obayashi joint venture to award a trade work subcontract to clayton coatings, inc. as the responsible bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid in the amount of $8,594,839 for tg16.8: fireproofing, thereby increasing authorized direct costs by $8,594,839, and the authorized construction services fixed fee by $653,208. >> mark savana will report on this item. >> good morning directors and i have a short presentation that i present to you and i can answer any questions, which do you prefer? >> actually just a very short couple of sentences of a description for the members of the public that are watching and then i do not have any questions or comments and i don't see any from the board. >> okay. (inaudible) fire proofing includes the applying of the spray (inaudible) and the material. and the structure, and the structural elements and (inaudible) the fire resistant material on the structure (inaudible) and that we will see in the (inaudible) and being in the finished coats,
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and includes two years of warranty for the work. and we (inaudible) shipped the package on july tenth and we received this on december 18th and the budget for the scope of 6 million, and the so was 6 million, and the s(inaudible) was ten percent and we had 6 prequalified bidders and we received three bids, and ranging between 5.7 and 6.9, and 7.3 and 8.9 and (inaudible) for the patch work. we received the bidders (inaudible) national (inaudible) and (inaudible) our recommendation is it award the
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project to (inaudible) as the lowest possible bidder. >> thank you. >> all right, so no comments, and we will open it up for public comment on this item. >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed, could we take a motion on this item? >> i will move approval. >> there is a motion and a second. >> take the roll call on this item. >> director lee. >> aye. >> neru. >> aye. >> harper. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> and that is four eyes and item 9 is approved. and next item. >> and item 10 isdirecting the transbay joint powers authority to vote in favor of city and county of san francisco
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community facilities district no. 2014-1 (transbay transit center) (cfd), and take such other actions as may be necessary or expedient to the formation of the cfd. >> any questions. >> and i appreciate this resolution in favor of rcfd form nation and the action that was taken by board of supervisors two weeks ago and to support that approval and i also want to recognize the mayor's office because i know that the mayor particularly a very strong position and we were able to stick to the original formation and the city will be made whole by the district and so it remains to be seen what will occur in the next couple of months and i want to recognize the leadership for standing strong on making sure that we will be able to receive the funds from our private developers to fund this important work. and are there any other comments or questions? >> seeing none, we will open it up for public comment on this item? >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. do we have a motion on this item?
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>> do we have a motion? >> second. >> and a second. >> so can we take the roll call on this. >> lee. >> aoe. >> nuru. >> aye. >> harper. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> item ten is approved. >> and next is approving the minutes of the september 11, meeting, and no members of the public want to address you. >> are there any amendments or comments on the board members? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and on do we have a motion to approve the board minutes? >> yes. >> so moved. >> second. >> and roll call on the item. >> director lee. >> yes. >> nuru,. >> aoe. >> harper. >> yes. >> kim. >> aye. >> and the minutes are approved. >>ty, and i believe that we do need to take a motion to rerecess, and so we will recess the meeting to convene in closed session and i do need to
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take the public comment on item 14, is there is any? >> seeing no public comment, public comment on this item is closed and can we take a motion to convene into closed session? >> yes. >> and we have a motion and a second and we can do that, without opposition, and we just do ask that the members of the public and the staff to exit the room and so that we can go into the closed session unless you are hear to speak or present on this item. thank you >> we have adjourned closed session and we are convening. >> could we have an announcement of closed session. >> the property negotiaters regarding the temporary terminal lease with the national rail road corporation or amtrak, the board authorizes the executive director to excuse a lease, with the
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interior and exterior space, for a base rent of $8310, per month. >> thank you. >> and so seeing no other items on the calendar, madam clerk are there any other announcements? >> that concludes your business for the day. >> already, meeting is adjourned. >> >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going
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to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious
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i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and
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>> the meeting will commence. good morning, and welcome to the aging and adult service commission, could we have the roll call? president james? >> present. >> vice president seruna >> commissioner itani. >> present. >> loo. >> here. >> ow. >> here. >> roy. >> here. >> and please note that commissioner ann is present. >> thank you, could we have the approval of the agenda. >> moved. >> it has been moved and seconded. we have approved the agenda as circulating, all in favor? >> oppose? s ayes have it and so the
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motion is carried. could i have approval for the consent agenda. >> moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> opposed? >> aye. >> ayes have it and the motion carries, item four, approval of the commission meeting minutes of the september third. >> could i have an approval. nso moved. >> and seconded. >> it has been moved and seconded that we approve the september third, commission meeting minutes, all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> we have employee recognition of the month, with the department of aging and would like to recognize the transitional care and hospital out reach team, diana.5. dana
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leavitt, kelly bryant, judy chiang, jesus diaz, mui fung, kelechi ihenacho, mary ann roeurth, andrea salfiti, mary cabarles, kelvin xu and jane chang >> would you please come forward? [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> okay. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you.
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>> and so we are going to, that is exactly right. if everybody can just so kelley, judy, all of you, this is president james, i am thinking that you and i have not had a change to meet her before and if you have it might have been out in the community. welcome to the commission meeting. and before we go any farther, i know that you have folks that you work with every day who provide incredible support, for you to do the jobs that you are being honored for today, and so could everybody that works with this wonderful group of people, stand up please? all of you. >> all of you [ applause ] now i want the rest of you to look around, because these are the people, these people need people, and the folks that you
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are talking to whenever you call in, or if you make a referral for someone else and they call in, these are the folks who are the hub, the center point of the department of aging and adult services. so, really, i think that a gift to our community and certainly an important piece of how people get probably the most critical piece of how people find services in this community, and so i am going to go on and on a little bit this morning, because this is my pride and joy. and so, i have to say, there is nothing better than living in a community like san francisco where there is all kinds of services, right? and all kinds of services for people, to use to stay at home. but, there are other side of that is that there is nothing worse if you can't find it.
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right? and so, it does not do much good if it is all there but you are the daughter, the mother, or the person themselves who is really looking for those services and can't find them, or, they find somebody who kind of knows about services, but they lead them down the path and so they get lost on the wrong path, maybe have someone turn them to the right services at some point. and so that is what these folks do. thanks to jason, ask the supervisors in this unit, and all of the experience and training and gifts that you all bring. folks who come to us who actually have that opportunity to go down the right road. now, the reason that we are honoring this particular group of folks out of our intake and information unit this morning, is that and the commission will appreciate it because we have been talking about this now for quite some time and we have a
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contract, with the cms, the center for medicare and medicare, and medicare and medicaid and this contract, is to help people leave hospitals and not come back. and the idea is to reverse those lower readmission rates and have people be healthy when they are at home, right? and so they don't have to go back and so that the life goes on for them in a much better way. so, we were one of about 100 sites across the country that cms contracted with and we have partnered with nhphs who also has six other community partners that we work with, and this is a big, big deal, four hospital systems, 7 campuses. and we have the beauty of this program for us, has been and it has been a lot, but the beauty has been that we have had the flexibility to try to do the different things, right? over time and this did not work and we tried something else and this worked and we kept doing it, so this group goes bed
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side, into the hospitals into those seven hospitals. and they work with that consumer, that patient, one on one, to help them use the tools that we put in place to go home, be successful at home, to the coaches, that are out of the contract, and not go back. and we have had a reduction in those readmissions which we are enormously proud of and so i can't thank you enough and i have to say, this has been, i would say one of the biggest struggles in all of my years that i have been and i am 66, and i have been doing this for 40-plus years and these systems are so big. they are just so big that they are hard to penetrate and just when you have a contract in place and everything is going smoothly, and something has to pop up and we have to have more
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shots or this background test or have this or that and this team, of their own volition has agreed to do things because they wanted the program to succeed. and so i cannot thank you enough. we are really thanks to you, we believe that we will have at least going into the spring with a new contract with cms and all of the people are being cut off but we are still moving for ward and it really is because of all of this enormously hard work and dedication and you are being willing to go beyond, what is job, really is required, maria you did not hear that. okay. >> and thank you to jason and the team and thank you to all of the folks who work in this unit because the truth is, you all can't do what you do, unless the folks that are here and part of your team, do the pieces that they do as well,
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and so, thank you, and i think jason... [ applause ] and so i can't say it any better, but i do want to echo, what director said about the staff here, and doing the hospital out reach work, and they are going bed side, and really earning every single one of those referrals, they are not a passive recipient of these referrals so this month, 547 referrals meant, 547 face-to-face contacts with individuals in hospitals offering transitional care services and all of the other services that we provide and it has been an incredible part of our program doing this hospital out reach, and i just also want to acknowledge everyone in the intake, because the people up here, there are a portion of our larger staff, and there is about 25 or so, individuals that really keep the unit
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humming and with the increase that we have seen over 50 percent, in just the last few months, we have not had additional staffing. and the people who are doing the transitional care, work in house, processing referrals and processing all of the other referrals and providing information assistance, we have been able to provide that at the same level and the quality that we are providing before this massive increase and so it is congratulations to everyone and i also as you said, i want to acknowledge all of the struggles that we have been phased with in the hospital, and really just the per severe and just continue to get more referrals and see more people with all of those struggles. so thank you. >> i misspoke, i said seven campuses but we are now in nursing facility and more campuses than before and i
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would just share with you that i happen to be at a function where nancy pilosi and i made a pitch for our program if we had to appeal with cms we would be back in contact with her for her assistance, but given the new numbers this month this looks like we are forgo writing a letter of appeal, thank you. i think that we need a picture. i don't know how we are going to do th. but somebody has got to get a picture and i don't know if i always end up on the end. and there is a lot of short people in this group today. okay come on. >> and i just want to say, while they are getting together on this picture, that last week, i attended three days of cms training. and i tell you, it was gruesome, but you did look at all of the policies and everything and what is happening with people and i can't remember everything, but
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i kind of know where things should go, you should go here or go to this person over there and i did go and see one of my clients out in the neighborhood, and they are at a home and i am so glad, i am a nurse, and i know what you are doing. and i used to do the inspections with them in the hospitals and i know how important it is and i want to thank you, you guys look so young. and you are too young, but any way, great job. great job, thank you. >> are you going to pass out the... >> yes, i got so busy. okay. they are in order according to
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the agenda.
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>> thank you, that is always the fun part of the commission meeting. next on at genda, we have reports could we have director's anne hinton's report? >> good morning, commissioners. president, james. and i just, i think that one thing that i want to highlight this morning, the white house has announced that there is going to be a white house conference in 2015. and it is going to be different than the past ones have been and i think that the last one was in... actually ten years ago. and i was still, and i believe
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that chuck from central latino was one of the delegates to that conference. so in the past, delegates have been elected from all of the states and chosen, and sent to washington it has been a very, very big event, and there were caucuses looking at platforms and discussion of policy, and things that they might want to go in to the older (inaudible) and so on, and because congress has not and we are under a continued resolution and we don't have a budget, at this point, or a significant or a regular budget, no money has been set aside for a white house conference and so the white house itself has pulled together, about 3 million dollars, to go ahead and host something in 2015. and national association of associations on aging was briefed on what information is available at this point, by the
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lead person from the white house. and so this is the information that we have. and some time between now and april, there will be ten listening sessions held in different parts of the country. and assistant secretary, greenly will be at those listening sessions and we are not sure, if other folks from the federal government will be there or not, but she will be there and at this point, we don't know the dates and we don't know the cities, but clearly, california, where she will be chosen and we are such a big city and frankly, and when we had the older american act hearings and we had one right here in san francisco with the assistant secretary and so the regional office is here and so we have a lot of reason to think that we might be chosen, but really what we want is one held in california, for sure. the white house has picked four topic areas that they will be focusing on and they are broad
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and we believe that the things that we are most interested in will fall within these four areas. and so the first one is elder justice. the second one is long term care services and supports, the third is economic and retirement issues, things that helped people to retire successfully. and i am just blanking on the fourth one, but... oh, livable communities and so you can see that pretty much, anything is going to fall within those four areas. we believe that the listening sessions although we don't have a lot of detail will cover all of those so they will not have one for each topic and they will be and we are already in our state, organizing ourselves around the four issues to have the testimony and present. the california association on aging is talking about doing more than the ten sessions and
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maybe holding a local events, and where we could gather information, especially if we are not one of the listening sites, and especially gathering the information that we might send them on to washington. and there is going to be once, those sessions have taken place, and there will be smaller groups brought together on each of those four topics to discuss, and i think, more in depth, what has come out of those listening sessions and also, with those other comments, and other pieces of information that belong in those documents, the president has determined that there will be four federal agencies involved in this process, so there will be hud, labor, and health and human services and justice. and so, all four of those agencies will be looking at the
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input that comes in to determine whether there will be any policy issues that kill be addressed immediately or for the long term and we have a white house conference and not only are there delegates but congress and the white house are involved. so, you know, the picking up of pieces of legislation and moving those forward, and the white house doing its work, you know, there is a joint commitment to that. but at this point, we are not saying that. because again, congress has not weighed in on this and they have not supplied the money for it and we are not sure where that will go. if there is talk now that the white house conference itself, will be in the fall or maybe as late as december. and they were originally talking about maybe having 200 people from all over the country come to washington, and in a celebration as well as a i guess, probably looking